Here are some of our wonderful clients' testimonies. More testimonies can be found on our Instagram @lissecakes

"The wedding cake is really good!! Moist and flavourful and not too sweet, can feedback to your kitchen also"
Hui Erh • Customer (Earl Grey Lavender & Hazelnut Chocolate)
"Thank you so much for the beautiful and tasty cake!!! I've ordered many and this is the best so far"
Brenda Tan • Customer (Classic Strawberry)
"Thank you so much for the wonderful cake! Everyone was so impressed with the level of detail! ♥️♥️"
Shuyi • Customer (Salted Caramel Chocolate)
"Thank you for the amazing cake! It looked amazing and the taste was just too good. Thank you once again."
Yoges • Customer (Lemon Pistachio & Red Velvet Nutella)
"thank you so much!"
Joanna • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"The cake is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much, my mum loves it 🥰"
Sarah • Customer (Earl Grey Lavender)
"hello dear just wanted to share u some pictures with ur absolutely gorgeous cake ever !!!u have made my event more meaningful n colourful..everyone was start struck with the cake n they all loved it !!! "
Shereen • Customer (Red Velvet Nutella)
"Omg it's beautiful!! Thank you!"
Hawa • Customer (Earl Grey Lavender)
"Beautiful! Thank you so much! 😊"
Constance • Customer (Banana Chocolate)
"My friend loves the cake very much"
Ariel • Customer (Hazelnut Chocolate)
"Hi, thank you for the cake ! It's not only so pretty but also sooo YUMMEH!!! My parents really love the cake ! The chocolate is soooo good!! 💯💯💯💯💯"
Shannen Liaw • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"Totally in love with this superb cute and adorable unicorn cake in S alphabet ❤️ It ia in short bread type with chocolate filling. The chocolate is rich but not overly rich. Overall is it a 10/10 dessert yet very celebrative 🥰🥰"
Em Loong • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"Hi! The cake is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much ♥️"
Nicole Neo • Customer (Classic Lemon)
"Thank you so much for the very pretty cake. My family loved it so much and everyone was complementing the cake. 💋"
SueAnn • Customer (Lemon Pistachio)
"Thank you for the delicious and beautiful cake! Guests enjoyed it."
Joanne • Customer (Strawberry Chocolate)
"We love💗 the cake very much thank you lissecake one again 😘"
Eileen • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"Soo many compliments!!! The cake was soo moist and delicious!!! Thank you for much or making my brother's birthday a blast!"
As requested to stay anonymous • Customer
"Thank you so much for the beautiful cake... It's was perfect.❤️😁🙏"
Neela • Customer (Salted Caramel Chocolate)
"Thank you so much for the beautiful cake! ♥️ Absolutely loved the taste aswell. The earl grey was right on point."
Aishwarya • Customer (Earl Grey Lavender)
"Thanks for the very delicious and beautiful cake!! All my guests love it especially the not so sweet flavour 😊 everything on point hehe first time purchase and definitely will be back for future orders ❤️"
Shu Hui • Customer (Banana Chocolate)
"yes so sureal ! n my husband's cake the doll was even better than the sample I gave. beautiful cake ❤️everyone was excited"
Shereen • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"Hi Lyn. Thank you for the beautiful Cake. The birthday boy loved it!"
Amos • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"Thank you so much for the beautiful cake! My cousin loves it! Its so nice! Im so happy & thank you!❤️❤️❤️"
An An Ong • Customer (Classic Strawberry)
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for this beauty! Everything I requested for was executed well. Loved how it turned out. 😍"
Soniyah • Customer (Classic Chocolate & Ondeh Ondeh)
"Thank you thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious cake! Had your cake for her birthday, for my proposal and for our wedding! ☺️❤️"
Nur Fazlin • Customer (Salted Caramel Chocolate)
"Hey Stella and Lyn, want to say a big thank you to you and your team! The Blue’s Clues’ cake was crafted so beautifully. We love it so much!! 🥳🎂❤️"
Cynthia • Customer (Classic Strawberry & Banana Chocolate)
"The cake looks very nice! Thank you! Your customer service is very good. Would definitely return to buy again and recommend to friends"
Daphne • Customer (Banana Chocolate)
"Hi dear ..I would like to say a big thank you for the awesome cake .every one loved the cake ..thank you so much for the awesome great job have the cake that my daughter love the cake .."
Kaysaven • Customer (Strawberry Chocolate)
"thank youuuu so much, the cake was mouth watering. 🥰🤍"
Franz Louise • Customer (Red Velvet Nutella)
"The birkin bag is very well constructed I must say 😁😁looks very much like the real thing I have"
Clara • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"@lissecakes didn't disappoint, this was good. Mum LOVES it. The pistachio fragrance wafted out upon opening the box. Cake isn't overly sweet and the lemon curd evens out the overall taste w a tangy smooth texture."
Joey • Customer (Lemon Pistachio)
"I’m dropping by to say a huge THANK YOUUUU for such a delicious and a beautiful cake, definitely a great work of art! Not only was it delicious but it also matched the theme pretty well! Everyone loved the cake and the birthday girl was all smiles as we showed her the cake! I love how easy and seamless it was communicating with you guys and how the whole process was a great experience especially since it’s our first time making an order with you guys! Thank you so much for that! "
Gayashiri • Customer (Classic Strawberry & Plain Vanilla)
"谢谢你设计的蛋糕 我朋友很喜欢 💕"
Winnie • Customer (Classic Chocolate)
"This was sent to my husband and he was so happy and he said it is really yummy and he said it is best customized cake he had in Singapore. Thanks a lot for the yummy cake"
As requested to stay anonymous • Customer
"Thanks for the cake! My father is so happy!"
Carol • Customer (Classic Lemon & Ondeh Ondeh)
"Thank u so much ! Looking forward to next saturday the cupcakes 🧁!!! 😊"
Cindy • Customer (Strawberry Chocolate)
"Thank you for the awesome design!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️"
Vicki • Customer (Salted Caramel Chocolate & Classic Chocolate & Earl Grey Lavender)