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Gourmet Cakes

Our Gourmet Cakes are all you might need to make every day special!
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Decadent, decorative and delicious, those are the top three words that describe baked goods from Lisse (Lis) Cakes. Their strict attention to style and detail complements their freshly baked cakes that leave all consumers absolutely satisfied. Warm and engaging, their staff are dedicated to taking care their customers. Their communicative skills are exemplary of amazing service. I absolutely recommend everyone to order their next party highlight from this amazing bakery.
A very satisfied customer πŸ™‚
Thank you Lisse for the wonderful cake! I've ordered the lemon pistachio and everyone loves it! Good amount of sourness. Keep it up!
The cake is really beautiful and delicious ! Love how the earl grey matches so well with the lavender, not overwhelming but just right for the tea lover . The macaroons with the cake is really tasty too .