Terms and Conditions

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Terms of Website Use

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1. Pricing

    1. All products are priced in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
    2. There is no Goods & Services Tax (GST) imposed by us.


    2. Order & Payment

    • No agreement is made with you until we have received your payment for your order.
    • Unless otherwise specified, we only accept full payment for your order.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that all details in the order confirmation are correct and complete when you make your purchase, we will be using it to complete your order. Additional charges may apply if the information provided is incorrect while we are processing your order. Such as completion of products, delivering and etc.


    3. Product Information

    • All suggested servings, weights, and sizes are estimates based on your design and number of serving guests.
    • As everything is made from scratch, there might be a few minor differences in designs and colours from the references provided.
    • Certain materials used in our cakes may become obsolete. We will do our best to choose replacement products that are as close to the original design as possible. We reserve the right to replace items with component parts of equal or higher quality without consulting you first.
    • The type of flowers used will be determined by the availability from the florist, but there won't be much differentiation in the flower’s colour tones.
    • We might need to use a lot of food colouring to get the look you want in order to accomplish your intended design. These food dyes are non-toxic and have no negative side effects. You may experience some staining of your teeth, lips, and tongue when consuming.
    • To make images edible, they will be printed on edible sugar papers; and when compared to the use of standard white paper, the colour quality of 2D edible images can differ in terms of saturation, brightness, and sharpness.
    • We may use certain inedible materials for decorations.
    • We may us toothpicks or sticks to support decorations.
    • We may use bubble tea straws to support tiered cakes to ensure the stability of the cake through transport and display.


    4. Self-Collection & Delivery

    • Self-collection at our premises and delivery services are available. Our delivery service starts from $12 depending on time slots.
    • We require (3) working days’ lead time in any case of changes in delivery address. Additional charges will be imposed in the event the delivery address has to be changed before our required lead time.
    • A 10-minute waiting period will apply if the recipient/sender is uncontactable or unavailable during the time slot selected. After this time, the driver may place the items in a secure location near the door, such as a door handle or a cabinet. We will not be held liable for the items' condition. If the unit cannot be accessed without owner’s permission, the items will be stored back at our facilities and a re-delivery fee of $20 will be applied.
    • When products are delivered, the recipient is fully responsible for checking the details of the order of the cake received are correct and in good condition. Any disputes regarding cake damage or incorrect cake design will not be entertained if not raised with our admins at the time of delivery. We will not be liable for any damage that occurs after the delivery has been completed for more than 30 minutes.
    • When collecting the products in-store, the person collecting is fully responsible for ensuring that the details of the cake order are correct. Any disputes regarding item damage or incorrect cake design will not be entertained if they are not raised with us at the time of collection. We are not liable for any damage that occurs after the items have left our premises.


    5. Order Amendment, Refund & Cancellation

    • LISSE CAKES does not offer a refund once payment is confirmed. We do however, offer store credits of the amount paid for your future order. The store credits will expire in 6 months.
    • Order amendments are permitted. However, we require three (3) working days' notice for any changes to your order; amendments are subject to our bakery's availability. There may be additional charges.


    1. Pricing

    • All classes are priced in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
    • There is no Goods & Services Tax (GST) imposed by us.


    2. Booking & Cancellation of Classes

    • Your booking is only confirmed after full payment is received, and all payments must be made in advance. You will be subject to our cancellation/refund/transfer policy once your booking is confirmed.
    • Before the course date, LISSE CAKES will not be sending any reminders. It is your responsibility to mark the event date on your calendar. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time as classes begin promptly. Our instructors reserve the right to reject late comers from attending the classes.
    • Once your booking is confirmed, no refunds or transfers to another class will be given.
    • If you are unable to attend the class, we strongly advise you to arrange for someone to attend in your place. Please let us know who will be attending in your place at least 3 days in advance, else payment will be fully forfeited regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.
    • There is a minimum enrolment requirement for each type of class that must be met before it can start. If the prerequisite was not fulfilled, LISSE CAKES reserves the right to modify or cancel a class. All fees will be reimbursed.
    • In the unlikely event of unforeseen exceptional circumstances, LISSE CAKES reserves the right to change the date of or cancel an event. If that occurs, all fees will be reimbursed.
    • In the event when the dates, the instructors, class durations or the content of classes are subjected to change, LISSE CAKES will email or call you based on the contact information you have provided to notify you of the changes.
    • Unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms and Conditions, all purchases or payments are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferable to another date or event.


    3. General Information During Classes

      • LISSE CAKES does not offer disabled-friendly facilities. If you require such assistance, do contact us to see if we can make arrangements to accommodate them.
      • For your own safety and protection, it's recommended that you wear closed, flat and rubber-soled shoes. Please avoid wearing shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless tops during practical classes.
      • Please keep your workspace clear of clutter and the kitchen spotless. Unless otherwise instructed, you are not expected to wash your equipment.
      • Please refrain from answering calls during your classes, unless in emergency situations.
      • Please respect the kitchen, instructors and your fellow participants at all time.
      • On some occasions, members of our staff might record photos or videos of activities at events for use in advertising, publicity, or sponsorship. If you do not want to be a part of such, please let us know in writing before the event. Otherwise, you irrevocably waive any rights you may have now or in the future, including but not limited to any rights under the Copyright Act as it may be amended from time to time or any similarly worded laws of any jurisdiction. You also acknowledge that LISSE CAKES has the right to use your name, likeness, voice, and any biographical information, photographs, and recordings of you.


    The validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions or portions contained herein shall not be in any way affected or impaired if any provision, part of a provision, or any part of these Terms and Conditions shall for any reason be properly adjudged by any court, other legal, and/or competent authority to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect. You unconditionally and irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the Singaporean courts as these Terms and Conditions are governed by Singaporean law.